Intensive In-Home Care

Time-limited therapeutic intervention services provided in the home to adolescents ages 5-18.
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Mental Health Skill Building

MHSS provides individualized training to enable individuals to achieve independence  he most appropriate environment for ages 18-65

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Mentoring/Behavior Aid

Mentoring and Behavior Aid programs provide personalized attention each client deserve.

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Why Choose Us?

At Simple Intervention, we take pride in our programs, our staff and our dedication to our clients.


The average referral process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. This doesn’t mean that you are left in the dark until services start.

Personalized Service

We are a hands on team from our Clinical Staff all the way to our Administrative Team.

Hand-Picked, Diversified Staff

Each of our counselors brings something unique to the table that allows us to set the bar for counseling services.

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